Monday, September 17, 2007

Spotlight Stamper Contest

A Shade of Blue is having a member spotlight contest. The upcoming featured stamper will be chosen based on votes earned. Please check out the link and vote for your favorite card! I have a card there...but I can't tell you which one. While you are there take a look around at the other great information. The Blue Heaven Articles are open to non-members until the end of the week, then they will close to non-members with the release of some great tutorials starting on Sunday the 23rd. My Tutorial on Hand Stitching on Paper is the premier tutorial for the new format of Blue Heaven. <<<---The Blue Heaven link will take you to an index page where you can browse past articles, tutorials and featured artwork.

The New Blue Heaven will feature forum based articles, tutorials with step by step instructions and other great paper crafting inspiration. The forum set up will allow for an interactive experience where you can directly ask the creator/designer/writer about the original post in the thread. Along with the new set-up will be specific gallery folders for each topic that will allow for additional samples created by Blue Heaven Designers to be viewed.

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