Monday, July 9, 2007

Mom always said...

OK, I'm an idiot! My mom always said "Always be careful using the mandolin and ALWAYS use the guard!"

Well, I was using the mandolin last night to make my favoritest potato recipe (I'll get to that in a minute) and you guessed it...I wasn't using the guard. I was just getting the potato sliced down enough so that is had a flat side on it and wouldn't be all wobbly. As I said to myself "Ok, this is the last slice then I'll use the guard." I felt a slice! "OUCH!" (
trust me that wasn't the word I chose at the moment it happened! ;-) ) Well, I sliced the tip of my thumb almost completely off. The cut looks like a "D" with the straight part still being attached and the curved part being the cut. Am I gaggin' you out yet? I guess I should have put a disclaimer at the top! Hubby doesn't think I need stitches...but it is still bleeding a little. It hurts like a be-jeepers too!

Anyhow, that was my Sunday night. DH ended up doing all the cooking. And no I didn't slice myself to get out of grill duty.

Here is what we had:
Yummy Teriyaki Steak Tips
My Secret Coleslaw Recipe
Allison's Favoritest Potatoes

Here is the Potato Recipe:

4 HUGE baking potatoes, sliced super thin with a mandolin. Place potatoes on large sheet of tin foil. Drizzle with Olive Oil. Sprinkle with generous amounts of salt and fresh ground pepper (I prefer a pepper medly using black, red, green and white peppercorns.) Cover with 1/2 cup super finely diced FRESH garlic (only fresh will do.) Wrap potatoes with foil and cook on grill over high heat for about 30 minutes (check for doneness before removing from grill.)

The best part about this recipe is that they are great the next morning heated in a fry pan and served with eggs and toast!


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Patti said...

Sorry about your injury!! The potato recipe sounds yummy, though!