Sunday, July 8, 2007

You're Blessed!

I just love this card! There is a story behind this creation (...isn't there always??) A beloved friend of mine, who was also the paraprofessional in my childrens pre-school has moved to Vermont. I am still reeling from her derparture. Tina is an amazing woman who can reach into the heart of even the most challenged child and come out with gold. My oldest daughter, Adrianna, is a child with many gifts, but she also has challenges that other children will never face. Tina and I met when Adrianna was three, just starting pre-school and incredibly shy. We didn't know at the time, but trouble was brewing behind those gorgeous baby brown's! Adrianna was diagnosed with epilepsy and started to regress intellectually just short of her fourth birthday. Tina was an amazing anchor for our family, and made sure that Adrianna had all the help she needed while in the classroom. She broke through a barrier that other adults inthe classroom were unable to penetrate. Adrianna began to shine like gold.

I made a thank you card for Tina, and she was blown away. Had she never been thanked before? I asked myself. No, it wasn't that. She was wild about the card. (It's so nice to be appreciated!) Well, I continued to make cards for her and the rest of staff that work with my children. Then one day Tina mentioned how all my cards are displayed in her home and that she wanted to start framing them. I was blown away now.

So, in the end, Tina has moved. But as a going away gift I made her a box of cards to send to her friends and loved ones. This card is just one of the 50 unique cards I made for her. And while it is meant to be a baby card it says so much more to me. Tina is blessed, while she isn't feeling that way right now, given the circumstances surrounding her change of address. She is blessed with one of God's greatest gifts...the ability to show love.

Details: Cardstock - (Stampin' Up!)
Patterned Paper - (Stampin' Up!)
Stamps - Lion - (Paper Salon) Curly Frame - (Stampin' Up!) You're Blessed (Papertrey Ink)
Accessories - Scallop & Plain Punches (Marvy Uchida) RIbbon - (Stampin' Up!)

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